Pfeda has been producing moulded seat and back foams and Arm Rests, Handles and Lumbar Support elements for this industry since more than 25 Years.

We have over 200 designs of seat and back foams and we supply the same
throughout the country to OEMs and our own robust distribution network.

We are the largest producers of ISF Arm Rest and Arm Pads in India. We supply to almost all the renowned players in the industry. Our production of such products is over 2.5 Million per year.

Other speciality support products include Lumbar Support and adjustable pads etc.

Foams are produced using High Resilience foams in densities from 40 to 55 Grams/Litre.

We also produce a wide range of foams for the auditorium seating industry and our material are used in the best auditoriums in India from PVR to INOX.